History Of Online Casino Poker

When online gambling was finally launched in the 1990s online casino poker was not yet fully operational until 1998. The first site then was Planet Poker which enjoyed prominence as the first site of its kind.

But other sites soon entered the scene and soon poker sites flourished. Yet, the standard that it set has been adapted by many other poker sites. For instance, since 1998 the rake standard has been almost pegged to 5 percent with $3 maximum.

With the phenomenal success of online casino poker, other sites soon joined in. Paradise Poker came into the scene in 1999 and soon emerged to be the best poker site.

Then came the controversial Poker Spot in 2000, the first to come up with the idea of online tournaments. It was an ambitious project, wild too at that time, and perhaps some systems, especially the payout, were not well placed because of the newness of the idea.

Deposited funds were not well allocated so that when winnings were collected by the participants no funds could be located in the system. Thus, no payout was given and the whole thing collapsed.

We should learn from history and not repeat anything negative from it, so the Poker Spot debacle has, so far, never been duplicated since by known poker sites—thanks to the contribution of e-cash to online casino gambling.

Neteller, specifically, has become popular for the efficient transfer of gambling funds. Its clients enjoy playing online without credit card debits or similar systems and enjoy fast online withdrawals. Aside from reasonable fees, most poker sites prefer it because of its able service.

In 2001 two giants entered the scene: Poker Stars and Party Poker. The former was known for poker tournaments, the latter for its unique features. Paradise continued to gain support for a while but in 2003 Party Poker became bullish with its TV ads and took advantage of the exposure afforded by the then World Poker Tour and Party Poker Million. That earned Party about half the poker market worldwide, according to estimates.

But then what really did online casino poker phenomenal good was Chris Moneymaker’s success in the World Series. With a mere $40 buy-in he popularized online poker and poker sites for good. And that’s one for the history of advertising as well—a mere $40 to put something literally on the map. The history of online casino poker seems as spectacled with battles of the wit as the game itself.